What to bring : Comfortable non restrictive clothing, blanket (or something warm for last pose), Yoga Belt (if you have)

Payment : Cash on the door / Bank Transfer




Tone Body, Balance & Core

Relieve Neck & Back pain

Strengthen Flexibility

Lose Weight


Lower levels of Depression

Enhance Mindfulness

Centres Attention

Sharpen Concentration


Better Sleep

Reduce Stress

Reduce Fatigue

Lower the Hormone Cortisol


For over 10 years I have been practising Hatha Yoga to improve my physical, emotional and spiritual self.

My passion now is to share my experience and knowledge and help you start your journey to self-improvement.  I offer classes for beginners and experienced students online and around Bingham, Whatton, Aslockton and local villages (Nottingham, UK).

So what is Hatha Yoga?

To put it simply, Hatha Yoga is a set of physical postures and breathing techniques. The techniques can help you release muscles tension especially with routine stretching, and of course, help clear your mind.

Do you need to be flexible to do yoga?

No. This is why many people start yoga, to improve their flexibility. Over time you will practice different postures and start to do things your body has never been able to do.

Not sure if yoga is for you?

It's always a little daunting at first, but I'm here with any questions you have.  Why not join one of my classes and see how your journey can begin to be a better you.

Surf Instructor

In 2018, I became a Fully Qualified Surf Instructor. An absolute passion! I have surfed in Bali, Spain, Canary Islands, France, Philippines, Maldives, Mentiawai Islands, Morocco.

Let's Chat

I welcome a friendly chat about how Yoga can help your mind and body with a routine that is suited towards your current body and goals.